Our poolside bar offers great cocktails as well as a great story! In 1988, the American Rock Band the Beach Boys released their hit song "Kokomo." The song describes two lovers taking a trip to a relaxing fictional place called Kokomo, located off the Florida Keys. The song was released on July 18th 1988 and became an instant hit. The Key Largo Chamber of Commerce started receiving calls from all parts of the United States asking where Kokomo was. The then owner of Holiday Isle heard about the inquiries and immediately decided to build the bar on his property. Ever since then, Kokomo has been serving up great cocktails and poolside snacks. Guests can enjoy cocktails from our swim up bar, while overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. 
A red cocktail and a sandwich on the table


Limited Menu available at Raw Bar 

Photo of poolside bar overlooking the water


Daily: 11 am - 6 pm

Photo of a bar and pool overlooking the ocean


Our poolside bar offers sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean! 



Defrost on a Tropical Vacation!

Wondering where to defrost this winter? Plan your next getaway to Islamorada,Florida Keys.

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