Alligator Reef Lighthouse

May 22, 2020

Grab your snorkel and dive right into the fresh waters of Islamorada, Florida. There is no better way to cool off than by swimming in the coastal shores of the Florida Keys. One of our favorite spots to dive at is Alligator Reef Lighthouse because this unique diving spot is home to hundreds of fish. The bright blue water surrounding Alligator Reef is crystal clear, and it's a guarantee that you will spot Parrot Fish, Barracudas and Sargent Majors. And, if you're one of the lucky ones, you might just get a glimpse of one of the turtles that hang around the lighthouse. You can only reach Alligator Reef by boat, so guests of the Postcard Inn can contact the front desk to arrange a charter or rental. Enjoy the refreshing water of the Keys while taking in the gorgeous sites of Alligator Reef Lighthouse.