Full Moon Party at Morada Bay

May 22, 2020

The moon is one of the most important elements on  or should we say around  the planet.

It brings the tides in and out, it dances daily with the sun and it gives us a bright dewy glow every single month. Therefore we only think it is right to celebrate. When all the sun lovers go away for the evening, the moon worshippers will come out to play — we are celebrating with a Full Moon Party each May! After the summer sun sets, que the full moon for the party to begin. This evening festival will be headlined with live music, delicious food, and crafty cocktails. Take your evening slow and enjoy dinner and drinks in an Adirondack chair by the sea or party the night away with the Junkanoo band dancing in the moonlight. End the evening with a spectacular firework show and be sure to send your salutations to our beloved moon.