Cocktails at Home

May 22, 2020

Take the essence of the Florida Keys back home with you any time of year!

Especially when the weather begins to turn up north, it's impossible not to dream about the turquoise waters and breezy afternoons of Islamorada, wishing with every bone in your body that you were sitting at the Postcard Inn’s Tiki Bar. Trust us, we know its tough — but to help you through those tough days, we have compiled a list,—recipes included—of our top three favorite local cocktails that will bring you right back to island time! Try your hand at making the Goombay SmashRum Runner and Hurricane — all mixed with rum, all tropical, and all extremely satisfying. These cocktails are sure to warm you up like the South Florida sun, but be sure to sip slowly because a rum punch like this will sneak up on you in all the right places!