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Make the most of your time in Islamorada with our insider's guide to navigating the neighborhood. From lively dive bars to local dive shops, we’ll let you in on our favorite places to drink, dine, shop, and explore.

  • 3b9wqrauxu

    We Love Food & Wine..So we Joined a Festival!

    January 07

    If you’re planning a trip to Islamorada in January, you are required to pack your taste buds in your carry-on. 

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  • christmas 2594557_960_720

    Holiday Season is Here in Holiday Isle!

    December 03

    It’s been exactly one year since our favorite park opened its doors back up and we could not be more thrilled to be celebrating another great holiday season at Founders Park.

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  • VMEE9K1S2X

    The Isle is Open for Business!

    November 05

    It’s true! The best Florida weather is here and Postcard Inn has officially reopened for business! We cannot wait to see all of our familiar faces and a ton of new ones too.

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  • jet ski aerial photo

    Jet Ski All Over the Florida Keys

    October 01

    Calling all adrenaline junkies, it's time to get your feet wet and feel the wind in your hair by hopping on one of the Florida Key’s favorite past times, jet skiing!

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  • beach sunset

    Sunset Skies in Islamorada

    September 03

    With summer coming to a close, it's essential to catch one last sunset on the bayside of the island.

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  • Ciao Hound outdoor terrace

    Chow Down at Ciao Hound

    August 06

    Did you know that Caio Hound is open again? It’s true! Come on over to the Postcard Inn and get your fix of Holiday Isle before our resort doors re-open. 

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  • lobster statue

    Make Your Way to the Islamorada for Mini Season

    July 02

    Grab your tickle stick and make your way to the reefs — its Mini Season Y'all! If you’re not familiar with Mini Season, let us explain.

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  • school of fish in sea anemone

    Cool Off at Alligator Reef

    June 06

    It is time to grab your snorkel and dive right into the fresh waters of Islamorada. 

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  • girl floating in pool

    Stay Safe in the Florida Sun

    May 07

    Summer is coming and it is time you learn a few things about the Florida sun!

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  • conch republic flag

    Have You Heard of the Conch Republic

    April 04

    If you have ever visited the Florida Keys, you would know already that it's a place like no other.

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  • old town trolley tours

    Historical Islamorada

    March 05

    Find yourself on the other side of Islamorada — The Matacumbe Historical Trust has introduced the ’29 Points of Interest’ historical trolley tour for the month of March.

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  • buoys

    Fleeing to the Nautical Flea Market

    February 06

    Rig up your rods and pick up your pals to restock your outrigger collection at Islamorada's Gigantic Nautical Flea Market!

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  • fishing rods

    Fight Fish in Islamorada

    January 09

    Grab your rods and reels, and wade through the open waters, it's time for the Islamorada Fishing Clubs Annual Sailfish Tournament.

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  • beach chairs

    Founders Park is Open

    December 03

    As we chip away at our little oasis, we are happy to announce that Founders Park is open!

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  • cocktail

    Create the Keys Feeling at Home

    November 07

    Take the essence of the Florida Keys back home with you for the holiday season. 

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  • Islamorada Strong staff


    October 02

    Thank you to all who continue to stick by us as we rebuild our favorite island oasis. We can’t wait to welcome you back!

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  • Islamorada Beer Company

    Grab a Cold One in Islamorada

    September 03

    Here in the Keys, we go as local as we can — we enjoy warm sunshine, beautiful water, and a crisp cold beer from time to time. Stop by one of our favorite neighbors, the Islamorada Beer Company, for a cold one made by a Florida Keys native.

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  • Islamorada Grand Prix of the Sea

    Speed Up to the Postcard Inn

    August 06

    Calling all adrenaline junkies — this month is all about you! Come on over to The Postcard Inn and experience the Inaugural Islamorada Grand Prix of the Sea, put on by our very own hotel and P1 Aqua X.

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  • night time paddleboarding

    Paddle into the Blue of Islamorada

    July 01

    Summer is here! And the steamy Florida weather makes us extra thirsty for the sapphire blue waters of Islamorada.

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  • young boy holding starfish

    Bottoms Up!

    June 04

    All aboard for Bottoms Up Snorkeling! There is no better way to cool off in the summer heat than by diving into the ocean and becoming one with sea life.

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  • full moon over the ocean

    Full Moon Party in Islamorada

    May 01

    The moon is one of the most important elements in our earth. 

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  • palm trees

    Don't Forget Your Keys

    April 06

    Earth Day is a big deal down here in the Florida Keys. We eat, sleep and breath nature — so it is only right to respect our mother earth and celebrate her.

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  • grilled lobster tails

    Sunny days with a Splash of Seafood

    March 06

    Lobster, sunshine and live music — have you ever heard three words more important to The Florida Keys?

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  • vintage car dashboard

    Get Excited for Island Fest

    March 01

    Spring may not mean as much in the Florida Keys, where the weather’s always sunny and warm, but it does mean that it’s time for Islamorada’s fun-packed 26th Annual Island Fest!

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  • wine and cheese platter

    Uncork on Island Time

    February 06

    Vacation and good company go hand in hand, it isn’t ironic that wine and cheese are the same way! 

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  • tarpon

    Take a Break to Feed the Tarpon

    January 08

    Grab a Corona and a bucket of bait, right off of US1 and have yourself a good ol' time.

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  • holiday boat

    A Florida Keys December

    December 05

    Everywhere else in the country people are getting ready for figgy pudding and Christmas caroling, but down here in the Florida Key’s we are gearing up for Boat Parades and Piña Coladas.

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  • The Rain Barrel Sculpture Gallery

    Visit the Rain Barrel on a Stormy Day

    November 07

    The Florida Keys is known for being true to itself and embracing the energy of the locals.

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  • crab claws

    Cracking Claws on the Coast

    October 03

    If you’re feeling crabby you’ve come to the right place! It is stone crab season and there is nothing better than an ocean breeze, cracked claws, and yummy mustard sauce.

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  • man using a water jetpack

    Jetpacks Really Do Exist

    September 13

    There are plenty of ways to enjoy the Florida Keys waters: a boat ride, a scuba dive, and now—a jetpack adventure.

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  • bonefish

    Marathon's International Bonefish Tournament

    August 16

    The Florida Keys are known for their fish—you’ll see them in the water, on your plate, and in the art all throughout your vacation.

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  • water golf

    Golf with No Sand and Lots of Water

    August 12

    For a golf experience unlike anything else you’ve ever tried before, consider joining the Conch Scramble Par-Tee on the Water this September 23rd-24th, right in Islamorada.

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  • paint brushes

    Feast Your Eyes and Mouth at the Monthly Art Walk

    July 18

    If you’re in the Florida Keys this summer, you’re probably looking to spend a lot of time outdoors.

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  • pelican

    Who's for the Birds?

    June 08

    Reverse down that Overseas Highway, steer north, and you’ll eventually land yourself in the Florida Keys Wild Bird Center, an animal rescue campus that gets a feathered friend back on his own two wings.

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  • guitars on the grass

    Music in May

    April 14

    While the Keys are a great place to visit any time of year, they’re especially so in May, when Key Largo holds the Key Largo Original Music Festival.

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  • Islamorada Beer Company beer

    Something's Brewing in Islamorada

    March 21

    If you’re a fan of craft beer, then the Keys have you covered at Islamorada Beer Company, a microbrewery that holds the distinction of being the first to kick off the local craft beer market in the Florida Keys.

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  • paint brushes

    The Art of the Matter

    January 18

    Want to spend the weekend immersed in live music, entertainment, amazing art and help out a good cause while you do?

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  • fireworks

    Ring in the New Year in Paradise

    December 11

    What better place to celebrate the end – and beginning – of a year than in the tropical paradise of Islamorada? And what better place to celebrate in Islamorada than at Morada Bay, rated in the top ten Islamorada restaurants on TripAdvisor?

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  • sticky buns

    Oooey Goooey Goodness at Knausberry Farms

    December 07

    This stuff is legend. Seriously, I’ve been hearing about the cinnamon buns at this place called Knausberry Farms in Homestead since I moved to Islamorada.

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  • hamburger

    Meet me at MEAT in Islamorada

    December 07

    Well known to some for the perfect hangover cure, the Chorizo patty with a fried egg on top, banana bread beer and Duck fat fried french fries here at M.E.A.T. Eatery & Taproom in Islamorada didn’t disappoint.

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  • meatballs

    Martini and Meatball Mondays at Amara Cay

    December 07

    Let’s face it… Monday nights in Islamorada are pretty quiet. Chase (that’s my Coastie boyfriend) and I recently tagged along with some of my co-workers to Oltremare, the in house restaurant at  the newly renovated Amara Cay Resort in Islamorada.

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  • sax player

    All That Jazz

    November 06

    Chilly weather may have descended on the rest of the country, but here in Islamorada it just means things get a little less hot and a lot more gorgeous (no sidewalks to shovel here!).

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  • halloween skeletons

    Kreepy Keys

    October 05

    The seasons may not change much in the Florida Keys, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get into the Halloween spirit just as much as anywhere else!

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  • kayak by the beach

    Kayaking in the Key

    September 02

    If you're looking to get in some kayaking – and why wouldn't you be? - head to Indian Key State Park, located about ten minutes from our Islamorada resort.

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  • girl on a paddleboard

    Paddle Out

    July 24

    There's always plenty to see and do in Islamorada but one of our favorite ways to conquer the Keys is from the top of a paddleboard with the help of our friends at Beach Bum Paddle Sports.

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  • beer along the beach

    Drink like an Islander

    July 13

    When in the Florida Keys, we encourage you to drink local – very local. Located just over five minutes away from our Islamorada resort is Florida Keys Brewing Co., the Upper Keys first and only microbrewery.

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  •  islamorada at twilight

    Independence Day Celebration

    June 25

    If you're spending America's birthday in Islamorada, then you're in luck because we've got all kinds of great things going on!

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  • boy swimming with dolphin

    Fishy Theater

    June 01

    While you wouldn't want to waste your beautiful beach days inside at the movie theater, you'll be clamoring to go the Theater of the Sea, less than a five minute walk from our beachside Islamorada hotel, where you'll experience amazing live shows with dolphins, sea lions, and even parrots.

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  • man painting

    A Relaxing Day at Morada Way

    May 05

    Islamorada's Arts & Cultural District has been going strong for almost five years, just down the highway from our Florida Keys hotel.

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  • brunch

    Hop To It!

    March 30

    Get set for Islamorada's best Easter Brunch right here at the Postcard Inn. Our chefs are pulling out all the stops to make this popular brunch on Easter Sunday, April 5, in the Horizon Room a bounty of the season's best flavors.

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  • bins of books

    Beach Reading, Redefined

    February 27

    Move over, big box bookstore. Hooked on Books is Islamorada's beloved and oh-so-independent bookstore, featuring shelf-after-shelf of books about the Florida Keys and its history, fishing, diving, flora and fauna, maps and more.

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  • boat on the water

    Boat Show Getaway

    February 16

    Ask boaters what they love best about the Miami International Boat Show and you'll find at least a few who say the Poker Run to Islamorada tops their list. This February 19- 22 Islamorada event at The Postcard Inn brings more than 100 teams to the Keys for four days of fun in the sun.

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  •  Art festival

    Walk This Way

    February 03

    Whether you're an angler or art enthusiast, you won't want to miss what is fast becoming one of Islamorada's liveliest and most anticipated events: the Third Thursday ArtWalk.

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  • bluegrass festival

    Bluegrass by the Bay

    January 05

    The Third Annual Baygrass Bluegrass Festival kicks off on Saturday night, January 17 with a free Welcome Party and Jam Session

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  • tropical drinks

    Christmas in the Keys

    December 02

    One of our favorite holiday events is the annual Lignumvitae Key Christmas Celebration, a once-a-year opportunity see nearby Lignumvitae Key Botanical State Park festooned in holiday finery with an appropriately tropical twist.

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  • water jetpack

    Prepare for Take Off

    October 08

    Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound! If you've ever dreamed of having superhero powers, here's your chance to channel your thrill-seeking inner Superman.

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